June 8, 2011

Dear Brad and Doug,
Just a note to say thanks for such a thorough home inspection you provided us. I wanted to take a second let you know
just how impressed I was with the work (home inspection) you provided and to let others know as well…

Brad your report was so thorough with the addition of the pictures to help define what issues we had was very helpful.
You are very considerate and very professional, which was most appreciated!
I would recommend your services to others,
please feel free to use my name in the future.

Thanks Again,
Marilyn Thompson

"We were extremely pleased with the thoroughness and professionalism of Superior Home Inspections. They took their time
and inspected all areas of our home. We would highly recommend them to our family and friends."
– Ron and Rhonda McConkey

"Working with Superior Home Inspections was a great experience. They are very professional and thorough. They were
very willing to answer any of my questions regarding the inspection. The comprehensive report received with the descriptions
and pictures make it a great reference. Their inspection left me with the confidence I needed to move forward with the purchase
of my new home."
– Mary Jo

Dear Brad & Doug,

I want to thank you both for your home inspection services that I used TWICE in four weeks! The first inspection saved me from purchasing a home that, although beautiful, would eventually have required costly repairs that I couldn't see. The second
inspection confirmed that the beautiful home I am purchasing is well constructed, safe and in good repair. Your written reports were thorough, detailed and specific with excellent supporting photographs. Very consumer friendly.

Being out of state, I want to thank you with your willingness to work with my daughter in my stead and communicating with me over the miles. With her help and your expertise, I confidently purchased the second home "sight-unseen" knowing that your inspection would protect me from making a costly mistake. I couldn't have bought a home long-distance without you! Thank you so much!

Lee Anne Loek

Working with Superior Home Inspections was a great experience. They were the most thorough home inspectors I have ever used. They went into every crawl space, attic, closet and tested all appliances, outlets, lights, gas lines, and electrical panels in the house! The report they provided was very detailed with all their findings and included photos of problem areas which I will use as a punch list of items to be repaired before I move in. I would highly recommend them as your Home Inspectors.

Cohen Barnes

I'm purchasing an investment property and we had a home inspection done by Superior Home Inspections, LLC. The home was actually built in 1910 They did a wonderful job from top to bottom. They were there for 4 1/2 hours. It was two guys that came out who did the home inspection. They started outside and covered things that we never would even think of and were very thorough. Some companies would come out and I guess they would only have to check a percentage of the outlets and things like that, but they checked every single one in the house. I couldn't say enough good about them. They spent time going over the report with us afterwards and then they emailed us a copy. I would definitely use them again because we actually ended up not buying that house because of some of things that came up. They were so nice and caring that I would love to have them for friends. Any questions that my husband and I had they answered as we went along and did not wait to the end or make us feel inferior for asking the questions. They were just right on and so good – Carol Glassie, Hampshire, IL